Facilities & Maintenance

Thermal Imaging

One of the biggest risks of electricity associated with property damage is fire.  Over time, a loose connection at a lug in a switchboard or panelboard, a malfunctioning circuit breaker or fuse, or other incorrectly installed components can result in excess heating, equipment damage, or even a fire.  We use thermal imaging technology to spot the incremental temperature rises and differentials that signal potential trouble and work to correct the problem before much more significant issues arrise.  Yearly thermal scans of your electrical distribution equipment are recommended.

Exterior Pole LightingExterior Pole Lighting

With our high-reach bucket truck, we can repair or replace pole mounted or building mounted light fixtures that your maintenance crew may otherwise be unable to reach.  We can provide everything from lamp replacements to full fixture retrofits.  LED Lighting is becoming more and more common, and as a result many facilities are looking to replace old HID technology with the more energy efficient LED solutions. 

Equipment Cleaning & Servicing

Even in relatively clean environments, dust and debris can build up on the bus bars and terminals inside your main switchboards and other electrical equipment.  Not to mention equipment located in dirty industrial environments.  Electrical terminations may also become loose over time and create unwanted heat or even fire.  It is important to keep this equipment clean and free of debris, and to ensure that all connections within are kept tightened to manufacturer specifications.  We will work with you, and coordinate with the utility company where needed, to schedule equipment shutdowns for cleaning and servicing when most convenient to your operation.

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