Engineering Services

Professional Engineering

Electric Power Box

We have experienced engineers on staff who are are licensed to practice engineering services, including creating and stamping electrical drawings for plan review, permit, and construction use in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Arc flash is a hot topic in today's workplace. It is important to comply with the latest safety codes and standards by labeling your electrical panels and equipment with the appropriate safety information. After an extensive field survey, we use advanced computer software to model your distribution system and provide the labels needed to keep your facility compliant and your employees safe. MORE INFORMATION

CAD and 3D CAD Services

We operate the latest AutoDesk products including AutoCAD and Revit MEP to produce schematic and coordination drawings to facilitate field installation and to minimize conflicts in the field between different trades. MORE INFORMATION

Power Factor Correction

Due to the properties of electrical distribution systems, and more importantly the loads connected, the utility company may be billing you for electricity that your facility is not actually utilizing. By reviewing your utility billing history, we can increase your power factor and decrease your utility costs.

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Power Quality Analysis

By using our power analyzer, we can review the power quality at your main service, individual panel boards, or pieces of equipment to troubleshoot problems with voltage levels, harmonics, and other characteristics that may adversely affect your system performance. MORE INFORMATION

Energy Savings & Sustainability

With the cost of energy on the rise, and several government programs in place, energy efficiency is becoming more and more important. We can provide the latest in lighting technology and control to lower your system's impact on your energy bill and on the environment.